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Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020
Why Choose Fiberglass Windows? PDF Print

Strength and Efficiency!

Fiberglass itself is nothing new. It’s been floating boats and adding strength to ladders for years. Fiberglass is impervious to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. The end result is efficient windows and doors that maintain their beauty in every season, in any climate.

Fiberglass will not:

  • Crack
  • Peel
  • Bend or Warp
  • Split or pit

Fiberglass windows are available in several exterior colors and are available with a wood clad interior.

Fiberglass will not stick due to expansion and contraction and is high energy efficient.

The strength of fiberglass protects your investment from the harsher side of Mother Nature. It’s even paintable to suit your custom color taste.


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